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Labor groups have an obligation to the state, including financial reports and disclosure. The US Department of Labor specifically requires their compliance yearly, every end of March.

If this is the case, allow us to help you get through the process easily and avoid severe penalties for inaccurate reporting.

Our expertise in labor union accounting and reporting enables union officers to provide timely and error-free reporting, avoiding penalties in the process. One of our specialties is preparing Form 990s and LM reports for labor unions.

Depending on your preference, we can either train union officers or handle the bookkeeping ourselves. Our dedication lets you receive high-quality service at the lowest possible cost.

Labor Union Taxation and Annual Reporting Services:

  • Bookkeeping Services designed according to the budget of local (starts from $75 per month)
  • Preparation and filing of 990 (Tax Returns) and State Tax Exempt Tax Returns (starts from $500 designed to fit the budget and size of the local)
  • Budget (starts at $75, depending on the complexity of the budget)
  • LM Reports (starts at $500 depending on the type of LM report and the local’s financial status)
  • Compliance audits (starts at $1500 depending on the intensity of the audit)

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