If an Offer in Compromise is the best option in your tax situation, we will help you take advantage of it.

Businessperson's Hand Analyzing Bill With Magnifying Glass On Wooden DeskIf taxpayers cannot afford to fully pay their delinquent tax liabilities, they can take advantage of an Offer in Compromise. This is an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS where the former will pay an amount less than what is owed to the IRS.

To ensure that the agreement pushes through, it is important that the taxpayer is in compliance with certain requirements. At the same time, the taxpayer should also prepare the Offer in Compliance correctly. Otherwise, there is a chance for it to be rejected by the IRS.

Greenfields Financial Services, Inc. will review your case comprehensively to determine if you are in compliance or not. During the initial consultation, we will verify if preparing an Offer in Compliance is really in your best interest. Additionally, we will also negotiate the most reasonable amount you will pay to the IRS on your behalf. Determining the amount involves lots of complex formulas so the expertise of our team will be crucial in the negotiation process.

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