We handle your accounting needs, so you can focus more on managing your business operations.

Metallic Keypad Of An Automated Teller MachineWe offer accounting services for small and medium sized businesses at a very reasonable rate. We understand the shortcoming of start up businesses so we design our fees to be affordable at all levels of the growth of the business.

We offer the following options:

  • Daily accounting
    We record your daily transactions remotely including invoicing, posting of customer payments, recording bills, printing of checks, recording POS and ATM transactions on a daily basis. We are your offsite bookkeeper, A/R & A/P and payroll. Your register is updated daily so there is no guessing as to what is your available balance in the bank. A/R & A/P are printed as needed to have control on the collection of invoices. Financial Statements are printed on the 10th day after the month end of the preceding month.
  • Monthly accounting
    We gather all the documents needed to post the transaction to your books which you have the option to keep in your office or with us and reports are printed when postings are done usually after the 15th of the preceding month.
  • Annual
    This is usually for business owners who need the compilation to file the income taxes, we gather the financial documents and record them on your books.

We will be glad to design you an estimate according to your needs, Please call 951-275-9986 or email to